Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Catered to You

We are a vacation rental property management company catered to your business. We will identify the highest income producing opportunities for our investors and maximize overall revenues for current homeowners.

Locally Based

We have a local vacation property cleaning company in the area so not only are we around the corner, but we are well aware of vacation property management needs in the Smoky Mountain area.

Industry Leading Technology

We use state of the art technology with a user friendly personal touch. Our toolbox includes Dynamic Pricing, online booking across multiple platforms, keyless entry, 24/7 customer service and exceptional guest communication tools and more.

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Elevate Your Smokies Experience

Our team has large company resources with a small company approach to the things that matter most.

Unrivaled Guest Relationship Services

Our team exceeds the industry standards for intuitive customer service. We are ready to assist guests with a quick response direct text message for exceptional guest communication. Additionally, all vacation rental inquiries are answered 24 hours a day through our CRM program insuring a quick response.

Elevate Your Smokies Experience

We put money in your pocket

We have done the research, made the connections, and invested in the resources, so let us use our expertise to put money in your pockets.

Maximize Revenue

We understand the market and demographics looking to book your property. We know what the guests want and we use corporate tools in order to create an exceptional guest communication experience. We offer guest SMS messaging, digital guestbooks and customized local area guides. We also use technology for dynamic pricing, online booking, management, and more.

Creating a Culture

A vacation rental property still needs people, it needs cleaners, maintenance personnel, contractors, electricians, and more. With our services, you have a culture of people you can depend on in order to receive better rates and lower costs overall.

Elite Level of Trust

Trust is crucial with property management services. With regular owner communication and transparency through reporting, we ensure the security of rental income.


We strive to bring out the utmost value of your property so that you can relax while we work.

Committed Realtor

With a realtor on staff who is local and specializes in short term rental properties in the Smokies, we can help you from the start.


We have first hand experience in preparing vacation homes with our cleaning and maintenance services. Not only can we assist you with cleaning and renovations at the time of purchase, we can also take care of your ongoing needs.


Photography of your home is one of the MOST important elements of marketing your vacation home. We have professional photographers available to bring out the best in your home.

Rental Agreements

All guests must sign a detailed rental agreement upon booking your home. We ensure that all guests understand the policies, rules, and regulations so that we can protect you and your home.

Linen/Towel Service

Don’t even worry about furnishing linens and towels for your new property, we can handle it for you. We not only furnish the linens and towels, but we also clean and replace them when they go missing or get stained so you never have to think about it.

Liability / insurance

We can save you the trouble of processing damage claims and we make sure you have adequate liability coverage to cover your investment property.

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How We Market Your Properties

The vacation rental industry is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. At Evergreen Vacation Properties, we make it our mission to exceed company standards. We use our industry leading technology to craft a property specific plan to maximize visibility, revenue, and occupancy of your home.

OTA Integrations

Through our industry leading software, we are connected to large OTA’s ensuring maximum visibility of your home.

Featured Properties

Evergreen Vacation Properties can highlight your property to increase traffic for consistent bookings.

Email Campaigns

Deep-rooted relationships are our MO! We stay connected with all guests through email campaigns and newsletters. We create a lasting link to the Smokies for our guests, stimulating a “fear of missing out” encouraging guests to book another adventure in the Smokies.

SEO/Web Content

We work with a professional industry specific SEO company to ensure we are turning lookers into bookers! By providing rich content about our homes and the area, we help guests with every step of their vacation planning process.

Establishing A Brand

By establishing a brand for your home, we create a deeper connection with our guests. We help them fall in love with their new, “home away from home” creating a level of attachment and comfort; incentivizing them to return.

Targeted Social Media

We create target campaigns within our social media accounts to capture each demographic looking to escape for a Smokies adventure. Through the targeted campaigns we build excitement, curiosity, and direct booking options.